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The Lake Forest Swim Club is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are deductible under current IRS regulations.

LFSC is proud to have the support of Wintrust Financial, the Lake Forest Bank and Trust Company, Rummel Associates Insurance, and L3 Capital/Market Square for our annual Golf Outing and other swimmer recognition programs.

The LFSC Mini Ducks program is sponsored by Activator Cycles and Activator Music Academy.

LFSC team apparel and equipment is available at Kiddles Sporting Goods in Lake Forest.

For information about sponsoring one of our events or programs, or to advertise in one of our club communications please contact Coach Michael Lawrence.

Calendar and Events

Next up . . . the PX3 July Invite at the RecPlex! Watch the website this week for meet details . . .

The next LFSC hosted meet is the Monster Mash in October 2014. The SignUp Genius button will be active later in the summer . . . remember to volunteer and help us run a great meet!

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To see detail (location, start/finish times, etc) for any practice squad click the squad name in the calendar below. You can also print the schedule using the "Print" icon.

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    Membership in the Lake Forest Swim Club is open to young people of all ages and abilities. Click the links in the Navigation area (right) for more information about any LFSC program. To speak directly with a coach please call 847.735.5372 

      Be the best that you can be at the Lake Forest Swim Club! With over 50 Illinois State Championship trophies and 10 Olympic team members you know your championship dream starts here.  




     Lake Forest Swim Club . . . the home of Champion Swimmers!

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    We Want You To Join The Ducks!

    Got Olympic Swimming Fever? That crazy feeling that you were born to swim? The only known cure is to Just Keep Swimming at the Lake Forest Swim Club. It's easy to join! The new LFSC season starts on September 2nd and Team Registration is open now.

    If you love swimming and are eager for the challenge of racing, join the team of Olympic Champion Conor Dwyer and follow your swimming dreams.

    New Swimmer Evaluations are currently scheduled for

        ~~ 8/27&28  5:30pm @ Lake Bluff Park District pool

        ~~ 9/3&4      4:30pm @ Lake Forest College pool

    For more information or to schedule an evaluation send a note to Coach Laurel  or call (847) 735-5372 today.
    LFSC Seasonal Membership Click to join »

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    Mini Ducks
    Click to join the Mini Ducks »
    Mighty Ducks Registration Click to join the Mighty Ducks»
    HS Prep Squad Registration Click to join »

    No False Start! Meet Entries Are Open!

    The most funnest part of the funnest sport is RACING!

    We have a couple of new meets on our schedule this season including a short trip to St John, Indiana, for the Lake Central Invite. Lake Central HS has a brand new 10 lane pool and this will be one of the first competitions held. Shhhhhhhhhh . . . . don't let the secret out!

    Sign up for another great season of racing! Click here to complete your meet Schedule Form today.


    Mighty Ducks Registration

    The Mighty Ducks squad is for young swimmers (generally 5-10 yrs) who have progressed beyond basic swim lessons and would like to make further progress to our competitive team.

    Swimmers in the Mighty Ducks must be at least 5 years old, complete a skill evaluation with a LFSC coach (usually Coach Laurel, and be able to complete the following abilities:

    25 meters of freestyle with correct side breathing and arms completely out of the water

    25 meters of backstroke with horizontal body position, arms out of the water and a basic backstroke kick

      comfort in a group learning environment, basic water safety and be able to use a kickboard

    other skills as may be necessary

    The goal of the Mighty Ducks Squad is to build on the skills of the Mini Ducks, swim lessons or other competitive team experience. Most swimmers progress to the Yellow Squad after about 18 months in the Mighty Ducks.

      Register for the Mighty Ducks -- Session 1

      Register for the Mighty Ducks -- Session 2

      Register for the Mighty Ducks -- Session 3

      Contact Coach Laurel Liberty

    Visit the Mighty Ducks Landing Page for detailed information.


    Registration For The Mini Ducks Is Open

    The Mini Ducks is an advanced swim lesson for children ages 5+ who are comfortable (floating) in the water but have not mastered arm strokes and breathing in freestyle or backstroke arms and kicking. In addition these swimmers need to be water safe and able to use a kickboard.

    The goal of these lessons is to build on learning and listening skills, increase comfort in the water, let children explore movement, and put them on a path to joining the swim team. Teaching Fundamental Body Position, back stroke arms and kicking, and rhythmic freestyle side breathing are the target goals of the Mini Ducks.

      Register for The Mini Ducks -- Session 1

      Register for the Mini Ducks -- Session 2

      Register for the Mini Ducks -- Session 3

      Register for the Mini Ducks -- Session 4

      Register for the Mini Ducks -- Session 5

      Contact Coach Laurel Liberty

    Visit the Mini Ducks Landing Page for detailed information.


    Getting Ready To Race


    Warming Up Prevents Injuries


    Join The DUcks Today! Registration Open For The New Season

    Got Olympic Swimming Fever? That crazy feeling that you were born to swim? The only known cure is to Just Keep Swimming at the Lake Forest Swim Club. It's easy to join!

    If you love swimming and are eager for the challenge of racing, join the team of Olympic Champion Conor Dwyer and follow your swimming dreams. Scroll down for more information.


    Annual Membership Plan

    Our Annual Membership Plan is by far the best value for year-round swimmers. Annual Membership offers savings of up to $380 over the combined fee for two seasons annnually. Annual Members enjoy locked in rates for the term of membership, more liberal refund/cancellation policies, referral discounts and priority regiatration in all LFSC programs. Click here to complete the LFSC Annual Membership Form.


    Seasonal Membership Plan

    Our Seasonal Membership Plan reflects the seasonal aspect of the sport, the Fall/Winter (Short Course) and Spring/Summer (Long Course) seasons. Participants in the Mini Ducks, Mighty Ducks and High School Prep programs enjoy the flexibility of short term Session Membership with full membership privileges while the program is in session. Click here to complete the LFSC Seasonal Membership Form.

     Payment Policies and Plans

    LFSC Payment Policies are available on all membership and registration forms and are typical of other youth sport organizations. Membership fees are due prior to participation and are refundable under certain conditions listed on your Membership form.

    We also offer a convenient Payment Plan that allows families to pay membership fees in installments through the season. Click here to complete the Payment Plan Agreement Form.


    World Champs Bling!

     Congratulations Coach Laurel on your performances at the World Championships!

    10th place in the 200 fly
    5th place on the 400 free

    We are so very proud of you and what you teach our swimmers.


    August Dryland Program For Sr and Bronze Squad Swimmers

    A special August dryland training program for Sr and Bronze Squad swimmers will begin on Tuesday, August 12, at LFC on the following schedule:


            4-6:00pm        Tuesday and Thursday

            10-11:30am    Saturday


    The Tuesday and Thursday sessions will include running or similar outside activity in addition to trunk stability, joint stability, full body strength development and flexibility. These are all key components to developing a better body for life and for fast swimming!

    New this season...The Bronze training squad will be practicing at LFC pool on Tuesdays thru Saturdays. This will allow Bronze swimmers easier access to dryland training!

    The complete fall schedule will be posted on the Goggle calendar next week. We hope to see all Bronze and Senior swimmers at August dryland!


    Bring It On!


    Coach Mo received a wonderful season recap from one of our Sr swimmers. As the author writes, "Bring on" the new season!



    Looking back on the 2014 long course season, it seems almost impossible that anyone could wake up at 5am five days a week and still make it to afternoon practice.

    In the end however, this heavy practice load allowed the dedicated swimmers to reach their maximum potential at main swim meets, such as Purdue, Regionals and the grand finale, the state meet.

    Who could forget Michael Hambletons incredible 1500 freestyle where he averaged 36 seconds per 50 meters, or Pat King coming in second in the 200 butterfly with a speedy time of 2:09.03.

    The Lake Forest Swim Club Senior squad altogether achieved success from getting through obstacles and still reaching maximum potential, like Kalla winning her event after tearing her speed suit or Robin bouncing back after adding time in various events to drop time in the 200fly and make the C final at state.

    Our team has shown amazing swims and will continue to drop more and more time as the new seasons come up.

    Bring on Short Course season 2014-2015!


    This was posted without crediting as it was received privately. If the author would like to be acknowledged send a note to Coach Michael.


    How A Champion Trains

    Becoming a champion is not easy, but it's worth the effort.


    Turning Tips From A Pro

    Olympic and World Champ Chad Le Clos dishes on a few tips for improving your turns.


    Butterfly breathing Tips

    Butterfly takes a lot of strength and coordination. But when done well, as here by Olympic champion Tyler Clary, it's a truly beautiful stroke.


    Breaststroke Body Position Tips


    Yellow Squad teammates will recognize Coach Michael's "4 H's" in this video of Olympian Jessica Hardy. Viewing tip . . . focus on tips for good body position, not Jessica's style of swimming. Breaststroke has more variability in style than other strokes and Jessica's style may not be right for you. Fundamental body position however, does not vary.


    Thank You To All Of Our Golf Outing Sponsors


    Two Tough Ducks

    It was a daily honor to coach these guys. Olympians Doug Lennox (2008, Puerto Rico) and Conor Dwyer (2008, 2012, USA). They had some tough training days in the pool for sure, but never two in a row.


    Coach Laurel's Medal Haul

    Coach Laurel comes home from teh US Masters national Championships with lots of hardware and some really outstanding performances.

    She got off to a great start with a huge 20 second improvement in the 1000 free to capture the Bronze medal on day one. She followed that up with 4th in the 200 fly, 3rd in the 100 fly and the 500 free, 11th in the 100 free and finished the meet with 3rd in the 200 free.

    The Masters Nationals were held in Santa Clara, Callifornia, at one of swimming's hallowed shrines, the George Haines International Swim Center.

    Congratulations Coach Laurel . . . we are proud of you!


    Understanding Talent and Development

    Some good advice for kids about developing a healthy perspective of themself.


    What To Talk About After The Meet


    Swimming World Partnership Announcement

    We are pleased and proud to partner with Swimming World magazine, home of the best coverage of all that happens in the water. This special partnership includes a one-year print subscription, online access to special content and a Swimming World t-shirt. This is typically a $59.95 investment in your favorite sport, available through this special partnership for just $29.95!

    Click this SPECIAL LFSC/SWIMMING WORLD PARTNERSHIP LINK to sign on. Not sure yet? . . . Swimming World is providing free copies to LFSC for distribution in practice! We expect these to arrive around October 1st so stay tuned. But . . . all of our coaches grew up racing to the mailbox for the latest copy of Swimming World and we are confident you will, too.

    Don't miss this special opportunity to keep up with your swimming idols!