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The Lake Forest Swim Club is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are deductible under current IRS regulations.

LFSC is proud to have the support of Wintrust Financial, the Lake Forest Bank and Trust Company, Rummel Associates Insurance, and L3 Capital/Market Square for our annual Golf Outing and other swimmer recognition programs.

The LFSC Mini Ducks program is sponsored by Activator Cycles and Activator Music Academy.

LFSC team apparel and equipment is available at Kiddles Sporting Goods in Lake Forest.

For information about sponsoring one of our events or programs, or to advertise in one of our club communications please contact Coach Michael Lawrence.

Calendar and Events

Next up . . . the PX3 July Invite at the RecPlex! Watch the website this week for meet details . . .

The next LFSC hosted meet is the Monster Mash in October 2014. The SignUp Genius button will be active later in the summer . . . remember to volunteer and help us run a great meet!

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To see detail (location, start/finish times, etc) for any practice squad click the squad name in the calendar below. You can also print the schedule using the "Print" icon.

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    Membership in the Lake Forest Swim Club is open to young people of all ages and abilities. Click the links in the Navigation area (right) for more information about any LFSC program. To speak directly with a coach please call 847.735.5372847.735.5372 

     Be the best that you can be at the Lake Forest Swim Club! With over 50 Illinois State Championship trophies and 10 Olympic team members you know your championship dream starts here.

    Next up for the Ducks . . . the Regional Championship Meet!


    Lake Forest Swim Club . . . the home of Champion Swimmers!

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    JO Champs Update #3 -- Revised LFSC Warm-up

    ISI Age Group Championship Meet

     July 24-27, 2014


    Lakeview RecPlex, 9900 Terwall Terrace, Pleasant Prairie, WI   53158 


    Warm-up at this meet is always very crowded and difficult. We have had great success in the past warming up at home, followed by a short warm-up and sprinting at the meet.

    Follow the schedule below for this meet-- 11/12 and 13/14 swimmers will warm-up at home then go to the meet; 10&under swimmers will warm-up at the meet.

    •   Warm-up Information
      • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun           6:15am      Heats -- 11/12 and 13/14 age groups
        • Thursday warm-up will be at the Lake Bluff pool
        • Friday/Saturday/Sunday warm-up will be at Lake Forest College
      • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun          12:15pm     Timed Finals -- 10 & under
      • Thu/Fri/Sat/Sun           3:45pm      Finals

    Sr Champs Meet, Coming Soon To A Pool In Indiana!

    ISI Senior Championship Meet

    July 31-Aug 3, 2014

    Munster High School

    8808 Columbia Ave, Munster, IN   46321

    The Illinois Sr Championship Meet is across the border once again in Munster, IN. The entry deadline is Monday, 28 July, and more information will be available after the deadline . . . please check back regularly or see Coach Mo for updated information.



    Swimmer Of The Meet -- Regional Championships

    Summer Regional Championships

    Swimmer of the Meet

    Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed in the Summer Regional Championships. It was another great LFSC team effort with many new outstanding performances!

    Be sure to visit the USA Swimming website and review your updated IMX/IMR score. The Age Group Swimmer of the Meet for each squad are listed below . . . pick up your award from Coach Michael or Coach Laurel in practice!

    Next up . . . the Illinois Age Group Championships, 24 - 27 July at the RecPlex!

    Overall Team  --   Nathan Gates and Mary Grace King

    Senior Sqaud --   Michael Hampbleton and Elyse Jacobs

    Bronze Squad --   Colin Kingsley and Catherine Holecek

    Green Squad --   George Bentley and Saylor Szymanski

    Yellow Squad --  

    Meet Landing Page (all info)


    I'll Be There For You



    I'll Have A Chicken Dinner With That 200 Fly 



    Take Off With The Ducks!

    The summer sun may be fading but that doesn't mean no more swimming. The new LFSC season starts on September 2nd with Team Registration beginning August 1st.

    New swimmers are evaluated by LFSC Coach Laurel Liberty to be sure that each swimmer is placed in the proper practice squad.

    Don't let the summer sun go down on you . . . New Swimmer Evaluations are currently scheduled at Lake Forest College on

         ~~ Monday   7/21   5:30pm

         ~~ Monday   7/28   5:30pm

    For more information or to schedule an evaluation call (847) 735-5372 or send a note to Coach Laurel today. Advance registration is not required but saves a little time in the evaluation process.

    Are you the next LFSC Olympian!


    ~~ Learn more about LFSC evaluations in Coach Michael's online article Listening, Learning and Swimmer Evaluations.

    ~~ Learn more about the LFSC swimmer development program in this online article Long Term Athlete Development.


    "I'm A Swimmer!"

    "I'm a Swimmer!" If that's you then you need to be part of the Green Squad. Swimmers in the Green Squad consistently qualify for both local and regional championship level competition. This is the place Olympic Dreams are forged . . .

    Read more below and  click here to contact Coach Laurel Liberty. Registration for the 2014-2015 season will open August 1.

    Green Squad Landing Page

    The Green Squad is our "meat and potatoes" age group squad that helps young swimmers ages 9-13 establish a foundation of aerobic fitness and continue the development of good technical skills.

    Click here to contact Coach Laurel Liberty and request an evaluation. Registration for the 2014-2015 season will open August 1.


    Duck-A-Thon Prizes Now Available At Kiddles

    Clothing prizes from the Duck-A-Thon are now ready for pick-up at Kiddles in Market Square. Howie has the pick-up list and will assist you when you go to the store.

    Great swimming at the Duck-A-Thon and another BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated and to Mary Faith Terkildsen for organizing a great event.


    Thank You To All Of Our Golf Outing Sponsors


    A Beautiful Morning For Warrior Wednesday

    The work seems easier when the sky is blue!


    "Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Free . . . Starts and Turns . . . Look At Me!!!"

    "Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Free . . . Starts and Turns . . . Look At Me!!!" You've learned the skills and maybe even swum in some meets. Now you're ready to sharpen things up just like the big kids. This is the place nearly every LFSC Champion started.

    Read more below and  click here to contact Coach Laurel Liberty. Registration for the 2014-2015 season will open August 1.

    Yellow Squad Landing Page

    The Yellow Squad is the first step from novice skill development to swim meet participation. Swimmers in the Yellow Squad range in age from 7-12 and are able to consistently demonstrate the Foundation Skills learned in the Mighty Ducks.

    Click here to contact Coach Laurel Liberty and request an evaluation. Registration for the 2014-2015 season will open August 1.


    Two Tough Ducks

    It was a daily honor to coach these guys. Olympians Doug Lennox (2008, Puerto Rico) and Conor Dwyer (2008, 2012, USA). They had some tough training days in the pool for sure, but never two in a row.


    Coach Laurel's Medal Haul

    Coach Laurel comes home from teh US Masters national Championships with lots of hardware and some really outstanding performances.

    She got off to a great start with a huge 20 second improvement in the 1000 free to capture the Bronze medal on day one. She followed that up with 4th in the 200 fly, 3rd in the 100 fly and the 500 free, 11th in the 100 free and finished the meet with 3rd in the 200 free.

    The Masters Nationals were held in Santa Clara, Callifornia, at one of swimming's hallowed shrines, the George Haines International Swim Center.

    Congratulations Coach Laurel . . . we are proud of you!


    Understanding Talent and Development

    Some good advice for kids about developing a healthy perspective of themself.


    What To Talk About After The Meet


    Swimming World Partnership Announcement

    We are pleased and proud to partner with Swimming World magazine, home of the best coverage of all that happens in the water. This special partnership includes a one-year print subscription, online access to special content and a Swimming World t-shirt. This is typically a $59.95 investment in your favorite sport, available through this special partnership for just $29.95!

    Click this SPECIAL LFSC/SWIMMING WORLD PARTNERSHIP LINK to sign on. Not sure yet? . . . Swimming World is providing free copies to LFSC for distribution in practice! We expect these to arrive around October 1st so stay tuned. But . . . all of our coaches grew up racing to the mailbox for the latest copy of Swimming World and we are confident you will, too.

    Don't miss this special opportunity to keep up with your swimming idols!


    Getting Better Is More Than You Might Think

    A reminder of how a great partnership works . . .




    Order New Team Equipment From The Swim Team Store

    Everything you need for practice and meets! Order suits, snorkels, fins from The Swim Team Store. Click the picture above to go directly to the site.


    Coach Laurel, National Champ

    Coach Laurel is competing in the US Masters national Championships this weekend in Indianapolis. She got her meet off to a pretty good start, grabbing the top spot on the podium in the 1000 freestyle.

    Click here to follow the action.


    Helping Without Overdoing Things

    "How can I help my child get better" is a question we get regularly. There's no simple answer but doing too much is often a much bigger problem. Read this short article from Daniel Coyle (New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code, Lance Armstrong's War, The Secret Race and Hardball: A Season in the Projects) to get fresh insight.

    Click the picture above to find the article.